May 29, 2013

Voici venir les Français! Raanana welcomes new French immigrants

Thanks to the recent influx of French Olim to Raanana we are slowly being introduced to some of the great things about French culture. If you take a walk up Ahuza these days you'll notice that businesses are starting to spring up which cater to the French tastes. Between Rambam Street and Shwartz you can find two  fromageries, selling a wide selection of cheeses from around the world. there is one store on each side of the street, one close to Kippa Adama and the other near Coffee and Friends. I look forward to more French delicacies as we are expecting even more French immigrants in 2014.

Dec 20, 2012

Where is there a Tailor in Raanana?

After many years I've decided to update this post as there are now a lot more tailors in Raanana! Here is a rundown of Raanana tailors and seamstresses that do alterations in Raanana.

(קו ותפר) Kav VaTefer
Raanana Mall, near the food court.
Open Hours:
Fri & holiday eves 09:00-15:00
Saturday nights & evenings after a holiday open 45min after Shabbat finishes - 22:30
Fri & holiday eves 09:00-15:30
Saturday nights & evenings after a holiday open 30min after Shabbat finishes - 23:00
Tel: 09-7603374

מהיא התפרנית Maya HaTafranit
Eliezer Yaffa 5/Ahuza 120 Raanana
Although the street address is on Eliezer Yaffa, you need to go down an open-air passage, to the courtyard of Maccabi and as you turn the corner you'll see this tailor shop. You can also access the store from Ahuza, via the Maccabi courtyard.
Open Hours:
Tel: 09-7486790, 09-3672066

Ahuza 110, Raanana
This is a shopping passageway and the tailor is on your left as you walk into the passage. If you are familiar with Raanana, it is where you'll find the store Pie that sells school T-shirts. 

Luba HaToferet
Borochov 6, Raanana
This is a tiny store on the corner of another open-air passage. It is next to the evening dress store Natalie, which is very convenient if you need alterations to an evening dress!

I know there are more tailors in Raanana, but I can't find their details. Can you add to this list? Leave the name of your favorite Raanana seamstress in the comments.

Oct 27, 2012

Get Rid of Lice

A new store/hairdresser has just opened up. I don't have all the details but they are exclusively for removing lice. The place is brightly colored and kid-friendly. this is a service many moms have often talked about and now it is here! The store is located next to Ilans on the plaza opposite Yad Lebanim (where Blockbuster and Sheluv are). The name of the hairdresser is Canim - li -la- lo. I may have the name wrong but I'll look into it and get back to you.

Aug 15, 2012

getting school books for the new year.

I had a very positive experience getting my kid's school books this year, after years of battling my way through the crowds at Fabians I tried Masada the book store in the passage way leading to Merkaz Elram (where McDonald's is. I was the only one there getting school books, had their full attention and it all went smoothly. Give it a try.

If you're looking for a gift to give your kids for teh new school year read this article:

Gift ideas for the first day of school

Aug 14, 2012

B&B in Raanana - Luxury Raanana rental

If you need a place for visiting friends or relatives to stay while in Raanana you'll find that most of the Raanana rentals on offer are not of a very good standard, however now there is a new exclusive and luxurious option. B&D is a boutique inn in Raanana, the first of its kind and as far as I know the only one of this standard. It is centrally located, newly renovated, 3 rooms and fully furnished and equipped. The B&D can accommodate up to 6 people and the furnishings are really top of the line. A weekly clean and change of linen is included in the price and the apartment is air-conditioned.
Don't think twice, this is your most comfortable option in Raanana.
For more details visit their English website: B&D - and if you're wondering why it's B&D and not B&B the apartment is managed by Bernice and Debbie!

Jun 8, 2012

New Mikvah in East Raanana

Well at one end of the city the Mikvah is broken so now they want to open one at the other end of the city. Contractors have recently tended their bids on the building of a new mikvah in Raanana's eastern neighborhood. The proposed new mikvah will be in David Elazar Street which is off of Shwartz Street just after Ravutski Street. I suppose this is logical but what about those who have now lost their mikvah in Kiriat Sharet?

Jun 3, 2012

Kriat Sharet Mikvah not open

Since about mid-May the Kiriat Sharet mikvah has been closed this is due to a problem with the electricity or heating system so there is no hot water. The problem has been going on for 2 weeks as I write this and one of the Balaniot told me it is because it is too expensive to fix! So for now there is only one mikvah in Raanana in Hertzel Street. Use of the mikvah costs 15 shekels.

Feb 6, 2012

Purim is on its way....Get involved

If you are interested in getting involved in the making of Purim floats for the parade now is the time to contact the Municipality and speak to some one from the education department (ask for Rina Arbel). This work is sometimes voluntary and sometimes you can get a paying gig. Its fun and if you have kids it is even more rewarding.

Dec 12, 2011

Swimming Team from Raanana

Check out this article about the swim team of 13 and 14 year olds that represented Raanana (and Israel in fact) at a swimming competition in Poland this week. The swim meet focused on integrating able-bodied and disabled swimmers.

The kids came from various Raanana schools - Sharon, Rimmon, Maytarim, Royee Klien.

Dec 6, 2011

Want to volunteer with animals?

If you're interested in doing some volunteer work here is an opportunity involving dogs. At Raanana's Municipal Kennels dogs are kept for various reasons (some because they have lost their owners) and these dogs need to be taken out for walks regularly. Volunteers are needed who will take the dogs from the kennels (which are next to Kfar Nachman, on the road which leads to the cemetery adjacent to Kiriat Sharet) for a walk.

If you are interested in walking dogs from the kennels this is done every morning except Tuesdays, between 09:30 and 11:30 and on a Friday between 08:30 and 10:00. You can volunteer for as many or as few hours as you can. The dogs really need some loving attention.

Another opportunity is to volunteer at the Raanana Park on a Saturday to help with the "adopt a pet" day which happens there regularly. These dogs really need homes and lots of love.

To volunteer to walk dogs from the Raanana Municipal Kennels call: Noa 050-4505051
To volunteer at the park for adopt a pet day on Saturdays call:Ruty 054-2581100

Dec 4, 2011

Where to find organic products in Raanana

There are a suprising amount of organic stores in Raanana, in fact you won't have any difficulty finding the products you are looking for from fruit and veg to cleaning products you can find organic and natural preoducts at one of the following stores:

  • Bio Center for Organic Food

  • Nitzat HaDuvdevan

  • Supersal Deal - Supersal Green

  • Mega - Eden Teva
To read more details about these stores and get their addresses and website addresses read this article:
Where to find organic food in Raanana.

Nov 28, 2011

Venue for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Raanana?

Looking for an "Olam Iruim" in Raanana, well there are plenty of great small event venues and restaurants that can be used for small events, but larger events normally have to be celebrated outside of Raanana. Well there are at least 2 event halls in Raanana which can cater for approximately 200-250 guests. Both are in the Raanana industrial area. The first is Migo, which was once called something else and before that it was the Hanger store. It is situated opposite the Mall (Kanion) at 15 HaTa'asia Road. From personal experience I can tell you the meat is about the best I've tasted at an Israeli events hall and they serve large helpings. They also have a deal where you can get the "design" (table decor, balloons etc), D.J. snacks for kids, sound and lighting for an all inclusive price. There is an upstairs area for kid's games during the event, and they have a resident D.J. you can choose to use or not. I know their average price but I'm probably not supposed to say, if you want more info leave me a comment and I'll get back to you.

The other events hall in Raanana is quite new, it is near the present location of Hanger at 10 HaTa'asia Road and is called Yoma Zoar and can be contacted at tel: 09-7466555. Sorry I don't know that much about it and couldn't find their website, but the adverts look good.

Nov 16, 2011

Where to get a bicycle fixed in Ranaana?

There are several good bike stores in Raanana but I can recommend the one at 31 Rechov HaNegev, between Hanken and Macabbi behind the Elram Center on Ahuza - Ranaana Bike. A few of the things I like about this cycling store are:

  • They also buy and sell second hand bicycles.

  • Their prices are reasonable - for example 20 shekel to fix a puncture.

  • They sell all the accessories, motorized bikes, kid's bikes and professional bikes.

  • The service is friendly. They help you get the bike in and out of the car.

  • They work quickly, if they're not busy you can wait while they repair a bike and if they're busy it takes an hour or so. Of course it depends what's wrong with the bicycle.
Other bicycle stores include:

Techno Bike - 3 Ben Gurion
Rosen and Minch - 12 Haitsira
Ofna Avi - 146 Ahuza

Try my favorite:

Raanana Bike
31 HaNegev
Tel: 09-7462620
Open hours 09:30-19:30 and till 15:30 on Fridays.
Raanana Bike

Sep 4, 2011

Where to buy fresh fish in Raanana?

Looking for fresh fish of all varieties try the small hole in the wall store - Super Fish - or - Super Dag - on Motskin street. Enter Motskin from Ahuza and soon you will see a row of stores on your right. There is this fresh fish store which also delivers. Although small people come from far and wide to buy their fish here.

Aug 11, 2011

Falafal for Parties in Raanana

If you need falafel for a party or gan/school event most of the falafel shops in Raaanana will gladly sell you the individual falafel balls, hot and ready to serve. This means that you will still need to put them in pita bread and add any extra humus or salad. The falafel should cost something like 0.80 - 1.00 each. I have bought falafel balls from Yafa and Sarah, the restaurant at the entrance to Kfar Batia on Jerusalem Road, Falafel shop and Kippa Adama also can prepare for you falafel balls in quantities. The bigger problem is getting the hot falafel balls at the time you want. For example if you are having a party at nursery school and need the falafel for 10.30am a lot of the falafel restaurants are not yet open, and you have to ask them nicely to open up early for you.

Alternatively the Falafel Hatuka on the corner of Hanken Street and Ahuza can offer you a different and more cost service. For 500 shekels they will bring all their food preparation equipment to your event and prepare the falafel meals on the spot including chips, salad, cabbage, humus and tichina. The total price is 500 shekels plus a price for each serving of falafel.

Aug 3, 2011

Kids Days Out Israel!

This is a great blog full of fun ideas of what to do with the kids. These kids activities are across the country, not in Raanana, but definately worth looking at.


Jul 5, 2011

English Info about new recycling system in Raanana

You may have seen the posters and bill boards about the new laws for recycling household waste and seperating waste into wet and dry items in brown and green bins. Well you can download an English guide to the new recycling system which became law in July 2011. Find the English guide at Adamvateva.

Jun 21, 2011

Swimming lessons for kids in Raaanan

Although there are private swimming teachers in and around Raanana (including in Kiryat Ganim and Givat Chen) the municipal swimming pool also offers courses, one on one lessons and training. The team of teachers is highly professional and experienced and the swimming school is run like clock work. They teach toddlers, first time swimmers and have training groups which in 2012 will start competing in competitions against other swimming schools. Their prices are also reasonable: For older kids ( about 10years - eighteen) training is twice a week for an hour and costs 260 shekels a month. A course for a 6 year old who doesn't know how to swim consists of 8 lessons (2 a week) and costs 400 shekels. There are about 8 kids in each group.
For more information call the pool at09 700700 and speak to Ya'ara.

Jun 3, 2011

How to dispose of a dead dog/cat's body in Raanana

Believe it or not the municipality does not have a service which takes away dead animal's bodies and disposes of them. But if you bring your dog to the Municipal veterinary services they will put the dog down and take care of the body for 234.5 shekels. Alternatively you can go to a vet who will put the dog down for 450 shekels and take the body off of your hands for approximately 350 shekels or you can go out into the fields which surround Raanana and bury the dog or cat yourself. If your pet needs to be put down you can contact the Moked at 107 . Take into account that if you have the Municipality put your dog to sleep you cannot be with the animal when it is given the fatal injection. The Municipal veterinarian services are located next to Kfar Nuhman, on Kfar Nachman Road.

May 25, 2011

Where to get something engraved in Raanana?

After searching high and low for somewhere in Raanana to get a special lock engraved for my husband's birthday I found that at "Matanot L'Gever" - "Gifts for Men" not only engraves items they sell but also any item you can to bring in to them. They charge 15 shekels a word/symbol and it can be done within the hour depending on how busy they are. You can find Matanot L'Gever on the corner of Ahuza Street and Bar Ilan Street, next to the men's clothing store. The entrance is from 124 Ahuza.

Matana L'Gever
124 Ahuza Street
Tel: 09-7603 633